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The Lancashire Witch Conspiracy by John A. Clayton
A history of Pendle Forest and the Pendle witch trials researched by an author born and bred within the Forest of Pendle. The product of years of study is this well illustrated book running over three hundred pages, that provides a great deal of new information on the legendary Pendle witches.
The Pendle Witch 4th. Centenary Handbook by John Clayton
John Clayton is a local historian and a leading authority on the subject of the Pendle witches and the Pendle Forest landscape. John's previous book, "The Lancashire Witch Conspiracy" is a best seller by local history standards. Within the pages of this new book the product of modern research is laid...
Mist over Pendle by Robert Neill
A CLASSIC NOVEL OF WITCHCRAFT. The Forest of Pendle during the early 17th. century; a wild inaccessible corner of Lancashire where the ancient fear of demons and witches is still part of life... and death.
The Witch & Her Soul by Christine Middleton
1612; in a time of treachery, suspicion, and vicious persecution begins the frenzied pursuit of innocents accused of witchcraft, culminating in a terrible trial that is to pull the heroine right into its heart. A beautifully crafted debut novel that immediately captivates the reader.
The Wonderful Discovery of Witches by Robert Poole
"The Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster" is the original and definitive account of the Pendle witch trials of 1612. No fewer than twenty Lancashire witches were sent for trial in Lancaster, and ten were hanged. Uniquely, the proceedings were written up by clerk of the court Thomas...
The Lancashire Witch-Craze by Jonathan Lumby
Was there really a satanic coven on Pendleside? Jonathan Lumby presents a remarkable series of new insights. He places the events in their wider European context and explains, far more satisfactorily than ever before, exactly why these disturbing events occured.
1612 The Lancashire Witch Trials by Christine Goodier
This excellent little book is a wonderful introduction to the story of the Pendle witch trials of 1612. In a very lively and readable style, former manager of Lancaster Castle, Christine Goodier provides a who's who of the events, as well as an interesting angle on the trials themselves. She emphasises...
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