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These just fly out of the shop, Lotti is extremely popular and is one of our smallest Witches. Available as a 15 cm. model on a broom in Blue, Green, Burgundy, Purple, and Pink.
Emily has a big witchy nose which doesn't seem to match her small face. She is very girly and always has fun with her friends. Available as a 20cm. doll astride a broom in 4 colours, Burgundy, Blue, Green, and Black.
Look for something different for the dressing table? Lavinia is a Jewellery Stand that stands at 23cm and is available in two colours, Black and Purple.
Lavender, as he rname suggests, is a 'Garden Witch' who flies around with a bunch of Lavender attached to her clothing. Available as a 20cm. doll on a broom in 4 colours, Blue, Burgundy, Grey, and Black.
Rebecca is a very enchanting Witch who has wild and exaggerated stories that can captivate a crowd. Available as a 32cm. doll on a broom in 2 colours, Green, and Brown.
Oswald the Wizard
Oswald could have come straight from a Harry Potter film set as he carries his books of Wizardry everywhere he goes. Available as a 24cm or 50cm. doll in 2 colours, Purple and Gold.
One to appeal to the younger collector, Jazz is a young girly Witch. Her hair is always tied back with bows and she has her feather scarf, frilly dress and matching leggings. She sets the trend. Available as a 32cm. flying witch doll on a broom in 3 colours, Purple, Pale Blue, and Pink.
Agatha enjoys going to the seaside and always collects the shells she finds to decorate her clothes with. She is available as a 24cm or a 50cm. doll with a porcelain face and boots sat astride a broom. You can choose between the colours Grey, Black, Blue, and Green. You can also have the 24cm doll in...
Anne Redfearn
Anne Redfearn was a daughter of Anne Whittle alias ''Chattox''. She was described at her trial as being ''more dangerous than her mother for she made all or most of the Pictures of Clay, that were made or found at any time.'' Available as a 24cm. doll astride a broom in 5 colours Black, Brown, Green,...
Althea, whose name in Greek means 'Healer', is available as a 24cm or 50cm doll astride a broom. The 24cm doll only comes in the colour purple. The 50cm doll comes in Black, Burgundy, Grey or Purple.
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