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Felicity is a 'Hyacinth Bucket' kind of character... a snob. She is very house proud and constantly in her apron. If she is not cooking she is cleaning. Available as a 45cm. doll sitting on a broom in 3 colours, Red, Lilac/Blue, and Grey.
Maud is the favourite aunt. She carries her cauldron and is ready to cook up what ever is available. Available as a 40cm. standing doll in 2 colours, Grey and Black, carrying a cauldron and broom.
Hazel does not go out much during the day but prefers to wrap up warm and venture out at night with her lantern. Available as a 50cm. standing doll in 2 colours, Purple, and Black.
Anne Whittle (a.k.a. Chattox) was the head of the family, she was old and withered and had practically lost her sight. It is thought her nickname came from her habit of mumbling or talking to herself. She was accused and found guilty of witchcraft at her trial in 1612. The feud that apparently existed...
Marjorie has a beaming smile, big hypnotic blue eyes and rosy cheeks. She wears a dress of shredded materials which are tied in elaborate knots and held together with a string belt. Available as a 50cm. doll on a broom in 3 colours Black, Burgundy and Purple.
Lucinda has big beautiful blue eyes, thin red lips and long wavy hair. She is always well dressed in her jewelled fabrics. Available as a 45 cm. model astride a broom in colours Grey, Purple, and Green. Each witch comes with a complimentary copy of the history of '' The witches of Pendle trial '' at...
Vanessa is a wise lady who looks quite fashionable in her dress of finely shredded pieces of material held together with her hatching belt. Available as a 60cm. doll on a broom in 4 colours, Grey, Blue, Burgundy, and Black.
Wonder where that name came from? You regular visitors to the shop should know! Available as a 50cm. doll in 3 colours, Red/Gold, Green, and Brown/Gold.
Elwin The Wizard
Elwin The Wizard has a long white beard and round rosy cheeks. He has expensive clothes and his hats are always matching. A character not just for Halloween but for every season in between. Available as a 50cm. standing doll in 3 colours, Black, Gold, and Silver.
Alizon Device
Alizon was part of the Demdike family and was the one accused of laming the pedlar outside Colne, this act brought about the investigation by Roger Nowell and consequent arrest of the accused families. Available as a 35cm. hanging or sitting doll in four colours, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Deep Blue.
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