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Olivia likes to play on the swing with her best friend Legs (the spider). She also likes to collect pot pourri in her patterned sacks. Available as a 24cm. doll hanging on a swing from a broom. In 4 colours, Purple, Brown, Burgundy, and Floral.
Alice Nutter
Perhaps the most famous of the Pendle Witches, a gentlewoman from a wealthy background, the rest of the accused were very poor peasant stock, living in hovels on the land of various farmers and making a living of sorts from their knowledge of the countryside. Why did she get involved in the happenings...
Ethel has a ruddy complexion which tells us she may enjoy a few too many glasses of mead. She sits with her cauldron in her lap about to stir up good fortune. Available as a 35cm. sitting doll in 4 colours, Grey, Purple, Burgundy, and Black.
Our best seller Wilma! Although Wilma is one of our granny witches she is young at heart and full of joy. She is always dressed for all weathers. Available as a 40 cm. model astride a broom. In 4 colours, grey, purple, blue, and black. Each witch has a complimentary copy of the history of '' The witches...
Amelia is one of the smallest witches who enjoys picking fruit and berries on walks through the fields to fill her bags. Available as a standing 24cm. doll in three colours, Purple, Grey and Burgundy.
Violet is growing old gracefully. She hides her knobbly knees under her long skirts and belives the shells she wears are good luck. Available as a 45cm. doll astride a broom in 2 colours, Red/Purple and Grey/Black.
Klaudia has thick black curly hair streaked with grey. She wears a long layered dress with pointed boots that curl up at the end and she loves to shop (just like a typical woman). Available as a 65cm. doll on a broom in 2 colours, Black, and Purple.
Jennet Device
A super item with great quality of workmanship throughout. Jennet was apparently nine years of age at the time of the trial in 1612, pert, precocious, and possibly enjoying the limelight she was prepared to give evidence that would condemn every member of her family. Available as a 35cm. doll on a broom...
Hazel does not go out much during the day but prefers to wrap up warm and venture out at night with her lantern. Available as a 50cm. standing doll in 2 colours, Purple, and Black.
Marjorie has a beaming smile, big hypnotic blue eyes and rosy cheeks. She wears a dress of shredded materials which are tied in elaborate knots and held together with a string belt. Available as a 50cm. doll on a broom in 3 colours Black, Burgundy and Purple.
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