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Zilla Goth
A super gift for the Goth in your life or even yourself, not just for Halloween but every season in between. Zilla Goth is the younger of the two Goth sisters who were raised by Nan Goth. Available as a 24cm. or 50cm. doll astride a broom, in black only , naturally.
Nan Goth
Nan Goth is as the name suggests, a Goth. She looks classy with her long black dress and coat. Although you can see the years have taken there toll with the heavy lines on her face, she still raises a smile. Available as a 24cm or 50cm. doll on a broom only in the colour Black, as the Goth title sug...
Zara Goth
Zara Goth is a fabulous Pendle Witch for the Goth in your life! Zara Goth is the elder of the two Goth sisters who were raised by Nan Goth. Designed to be hung from a hook fitting. Available in sizes 24cm or 50cm only in the colour black as all the best Goths are.
Nell is the life and soul of the party. She is a flamboyant character which she emphasises with her outfits. Available as a 30cm. doll on a broom in 4 colours, Blue, Green, Gold, and Black.
Sabrina is the wild child which is shown in her wild outfits and even wilder hair. She would have caused havoc is she was around at 'The Witches of Pendle Trail'. With some help from her 'forever young' potion she keeps partying until the early hours. Available as a 30cm. doll flying on a broom in 4...
Rosemary is a 'Kitchen Witch'. She is usually provides good luck and wards off bad spirits. It is also alleged that she stops pans boiling over! Available as a 35cm. doll in 4 colours, Blue, Burgundy, Green, and Black. Can be placed in a sitting or hanging position.
Elizabeth Southern (a.k.a. Demdike) the mother of Elizabeth Device (Davies) and grandmother of Alizon, James, and Jenet Device all lived at Malkin Tower which was supposedly part of Sadler's Farm in Newchurch. Available as a 32cm. doll astride a broom in 5 colours, Grey, Lilac, Burgundy, Black, and Deep...
Phoebe loves to dance. She will put on an outfit with matching shoes and dance the night away. Available as a 30cm. doll flying on a broom, in 3 colours, Red, Blue, and Grey.
Tizzy often gets called 'Dizzy Tizzy' as she usually forgets where she has left her broom then when she does find it she can't remember where she was going. Available as a 35cm. doll flying on a broom in 3 colours, Brown, Red, and Green.
Rowena has many grandchildren who she spoils with goodies (as all grandparents do). She is a great story teller and will happily repeats the story of 'The Witches of Pendle Trial' to anyone who will listen. Available as a 35 cm. model astride a broom. In 5 colours, Purple, Burgundy, Grey, Green, and...
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